ireland_md_wht.gif (7030 bytes)Irish Drinking Songs

Tim Finnegan's Wake
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Tim Finnegean lived in Watling Street,
A gentle Irishman-- Mighty odd --
He'd a beautiful brogue, so rich and sweet,
And to rise in the world, he carried a hod.
You see he'd a sort of a tippling way,
With a love for the liquor poor Tim was born,
And to help him on with his work each day,
He'd a drop of the craythur every morn'.

Whack fol-de-dah now dance to your partner
Welt the floor, tour trotters shake,
Wasn't it the truth I tould ye?
Lot's of fun at Finnegan's Wake!

One Morning Tim was rather full;
His head felt heavy, which made him shake
He fell from the ladder, and broke his skull,
So they carried him home for his corpse to wake.
They wrapped him up in a nice clean sheet,
And laid him out upon the bed,
With a bottle of whiskey at his feet,
and a gallon of porter at his head!


His friends assembled at the wake;
And missus Finnegan called for lunch.
First they bought in tay and cake;
Then pipes, tobacco, and whiskey punch,
Then Biddy O'Brien began to cry;
Such a nice clean corpse did you ever see?
Arrah! Tim avoureen, why did you die?
Arrah hould your gob says Billy McGee!


Then Peggy O'Conner took up the job,
"Arrah, Biddy," says she "Ye're wrong, I'm sure,"
But Biddy then gave her a belt on the gob,
And left her sprawlin' on the flure.
Each side in war did soon engage,
"Twas woman to woman and man to man,
Shillelah-law was all the the rage-
An' a row an' a ruction soon began!


Then Mickey Moloney raised his head
When a bottle of whiskey flew at him.
It missed him, falling on the bed,
The liquor scattered over Tim!
Tim revives! Se how He rises!
Timothy rising from the bed
Crying, "Whirl your whiskey around like blazes,"
Glory be to God, do you think I'm dead!


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The Wild Rover beer_green_md_wht.gif (4972 bytes)
This song's chorus is traditionally sung with claps and other crowd parts. These are included in the chorus and denoted by parenthesis.

And its "No, Nay, Never-              (Four claps while shouting "Rise up your kilt!")
No, Nay, Never, No More,     ( two claps)
Will I play the Wild Rover,       (one clap)
No never no more!                      (two claps)

I've been a wild rover for many a year
And I've spent all me money, on whiskey and beer
But now I return with gold and great score,
And I never will play the wild rover no more


I went into an ale house where I used to frequent
And I told the landlady my money was spent
I asked her for credit, she answered me "Nay"
Such a custom as yours I can get any day


And then then out of me pockets I took sovereigns bright
And the landlady's eyes opened wide with delight
She said I have whiskey and the wines of the best
And the words that I sent you were borne me in jest


I'll go home to my parents, confess what I've done
And I'll ask them to pardon their prodigal son
And if they harass me, like oft-times before,
Than I never will play the Wild Rover no more


The Barley Mow

This song is a lot of fun if the whole bar has a pint of Guinness on hand to begin.  Ask for the tune and be patient, it takes time to serve a pub full of drunks, and they all must have a full pint.

Here’s good luck to the pint pot
Good luck to the barley mow (crowd shouts "GOOD LUCK!" and drinks!)
Jolly good luck to the pint pot
Good luck to the barley mow
Oh the pint pot, half a pint
Gill pot, half a gill, quarter gill
Nippikin and the brown bowl
Here’s good luck ("GOOD LUCK!")
Good luck to the barley mow-
(Mow, mow, mow, mow, mow, mow, mow ....)

Here’s good luck to the quart pot,
Good luck to the barley mow (crowd shouts "GOOD LUCK!" and drinks!)
Jolly good luck to the quart pot,
Good luck to the barley mow
Oh the quart pot, half a quart,
Pint pot, half a pint, gill pot,
Half a gill, quarter gill, nippikin and the brown bowl,
Here's good luck("GOOD LUCK!")
Good luck to the marley mow-
(Mow, mow, mow, mow, mow, mow, mow, mow...)

Now you get the idea! Just keep on planting more stuff as you go, and here is an order to get you started:

half gallon
half keg
half barrell
whatever the bartender's name is
whatever the barmaid's name is
owners wife
the company at the bar(you!)

The object is to finish the entire pint in the song.   Its is harder to sing the more names you put in, but a lot of fun to see if you can remember them all in the right order.  Besides, your swigs can be smaller this way, see?  The company is the last verse and swigging the remainder is required to finish it off.    Screw up, and you drink even more!  Even better, try and do it a couple of times in a row!  (You'd better call some cabs.)

The Black Velvet Band

The crowd can clap along as noted.

Her eyes the shined like a diamond (2 claps)
you'd think she was queen of the land
(2 claps)
and her hair hung over her shoulder
tied up with a black velvet band
(2 claps)

In a neat little town they call Belfast, apprenticed to trade I was bound
And manys the hour of sweet happiness I spent in that neat little town
Till bad misfortune came o're me which sent me away from the land
Far away from my friends and companions betrayed by the black velvet band
As I went strolling down Broadway not intending to stray very far
I met with a frolicksome damsel applying her trade in a bar
A watch she stole from a customer and slipped it right into my hand
The very first day that I met her, bad luck to the black velvet band
Before judge and jury next morning, both of us were to appear
A gentleman claimed his jewelry and the case against us was quite clear
Seven long years transportation right down to Van Dieman's Land
Far away from my friends and companions betrayed by the black velvet band
So come all ye jolly young fellows I'll have you take warnin' by me
Whenever you're out in the liquor me lads beware of the pretty colleens
For they'll fill you with whiskey and porter till you are not able to stand
And the very next thing that you know me lads, you've landed in Van Dieman's Land

Courtin' in the Kitchen

Come single belle and beau unto me pay attention
don’t ever fall in love it’s the Devil’s own invention
for once I fell in love with a maiden do bewitchin’
Miss Henrietta Bell down in Captain Kelly’s kitchen


singin’ too ra loo ra la
singin’ too ra loo ra laddie
singin’ too ra loo ra la
singin’ too ra loo ra laddie

At the age of seventten I was ‘prenticed by a grocer
down on Stven’s Green where Miss Henry used to go sit
her manners were sublime she set my heart a twitchin’
then she invited me to a hooley in the kitchen

now Sunday being the day we were to have the flare up
I dressed myself quite gay and I frizzed and oiled my hair up
the Captain had no wife and he’d gone off a fishin’
so we kicked up high life below stairs in the kitchen

Just as the clock struck six we sat down at the table
she handed cakes and tay and I ate what I was able
I had cakes and punch and tay and me sides they got a stitch in
and the time passed quick away with our courtin in the kitchen

With my arms around her waist she shyly hinted marriage
when to the door in dreadful haste came Captain Kelly’s carriage
her looks told me full well and they were not bewitchin’
that she’s wish I go to Hell, or somewhere from that kitchen

She flew up off my knee a full five feet or higher
and over head and heels through me slap into the fire
My new repealer’s coat that I bought from Mr. Mitchell
and a twenty shilling note went to blazes in the kitchen

I grieved to see me duds all besmeared with smoke and ashes
when a tub of dirty suds right in me face she dashes
as I lay on the floor the water she kept pitchin’
‘till a footman broke the door and came chargin’ in the kitchen

When the Captian came downstair though he’d seen me situation
depite all of me prayers of was marched off to the station
for me they’s take no bail though to get home I was itchin’
still I had to tell the tale how I wound up in that kitchen

I said she did invite me but she gave a flat denial
for assult she did indict me and I was sent to trial
she swore I’d robbed the house in spite of all her screechin’
and I got six months hard for my courtin’ in the kitchen

Danny Boy

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes the pipes are calling
from glen to glen and down the mountain side
the summer’s gone and all the flowers dying
it’s you it’s you must go andI must bide
but come ye back when summer’s in the meadow
or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
it’s I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny Boy my Danny Boy I love you so

And when ye come and all the flowers are dying
if I am dead as dead I well may be
you’ll come and find the place where I am lying
and knell and say an Ave there for me
and I shall hear tho soft ye tread above me
and all my grave will warmer sweeter be
and if you bend and tell me that you love me
than I shall sleep in peace until you come to me

As explaained by Donal O'Shaughnessy: "Danny Boy is the story of a father who has 4 boys. The eldest 3 have all gone off to war and been killed. Now the youngest, Danny all of 16 years old is old enough to go to war himself (the pipes, the pipes of war are calling him). His father knows the odds and realizes that Danny too will probably be a casualty. In the event Danny lives however, the father knows he’s so old and broken hearted at the prospects of losing all his sons that he will die of a broken heart.   This is his farewell song to his youngest son."  This song, like The Parting Glass, is one for drunken tears at the end of the night.

Drunken' Sailor
What do you do with a drunken’ sailor?
What do you do with a drunken’ sailor?
What do you do with a drunken’ sailor?

early in the morning

way hey, up she rises,
way hey, up she rises
way hey, up she rises
early in the mornin’

Then you sub in some of the phrases in orange below.  Even make them up as you go:
Put him in the hold with a barrell of porter
Put him in the scuppers ‘till he gets sober
Put him in the bed with the captain’s daughter
Shave his belly with a rusty razor
Stick him in the ass with a red hot poker


Let Bacchus’ sons be not dismayed
but join with me each jovial blade
booze and sing and lend your aid
to help me with the chorus

Instead of spa we’ll drink down ale
and pay the reckoning on the nail
no man for debt shall go to jail
from Garryowen in glory

We are the boys that take delight
smashing the Limerick light when lighting
through all the streets like sporters fighting
and tearing all before us

We’ll break the windows we’ll break the doors
The watch knock down by three’s and four’s
then let the doctors work their cures
and tinker up our bruises

We’ll beat the bailiffs out of fun
we’ll make the mayors and sheriffs run
we are the boys no man dares dun
if he regards a whole skin

Our hearts so stout have got us fame
for soon ‘tis known from whence we came
where’re we go they dread the name
of Garryowen in glory

Gypsy Rover

Ah De Do Ah De Do Da Day, Ah De Do Ah De A
He whistled and he sang till the green woods rang
and he won the heart of a lady

Gypsy Rover came over the hill
down through the valley so shady
He whistled and he sang till the green woods rang
and he won the heart of a lady

She left her home her castle great
she left her fair young lover
she left her servants and her estate
to follow the Gypsy Rover

Her father saddled up his fastest steed
roamed the valleys all over
sought his daughter at great speed
and the whistlin' Gypsy Rover

He came unto a mansion fine
down by the river so shady
and there was music and there was wine
for the Gypsy and his lady

“He is no gypsy my father.” she said,
“But Lord of these lands all over.
and I will stay till my dying day
with my whistlin' Gypsy Rover”

I'll Tell Me Ma

I’ll tell me ma when I come home
the boys won’t leave the girls alone
they pull me hair and stole my comb
well that’s alright till I come home
She is handsome she is pretty
she’s the belle of Belfast city
she’s a courtin’ one two three (3 claps)
please won’t you tell me who is she

Albert Mooney says he loves her
all the boys are fightin’ for her
knock at the door and ring at the bell
tell me oh you true love “are you well”
out she comes as white as snow
rings on her fingers bells on her toes
old Johnny Murray say’s she’ll die
if she doesn’t get the fellow with the roving eye

Let the wind and the rain and the hail blow high
the snow come tumblin’ from the sky
she’s as fine as apple pie
she’ll get own own love by and by
when she gets a lad of her own
she won’t tell her mom when she comes home
let them all come as you will
it’s Albert Mooney she loves still

The Irish Rover

In the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and six
We set sail from the fair Cobh of Cork.
We were bound far away with a cargo of bricks
For the fine city hall of New York.

She’s an elegant craft, she was rigged fore-and-aft
And oh, how the wild winds drove her.
She had twenty-three masts and she stood several blasts
And we called her the Irish Rover.

There was Barney McGee from the banks of the Lee,
There was Hogan from County Tyrone.
There was Johnny McGurk who was scared stiff of work
And a chap from West Meade called Malone.

There was Slugger O'Toole who was drunk as a rule
And fighting Bill Casey from Dover.
And your man Mick McCann from the Banks of the Bann
was skipper of the Irish Rover.

We had one million bags of the best Sligo rags,
We had two million barrels of bone
We had three million bales of old nanny goat tails
We had four million barrels packets of stone

We had five million hogs, we had six million dogs,
And seven million barrels of porter.
We had eight million sides of old blind horses hides
In the hold of the Irish Rover.

We had sailed seven years when the measles broke out
And the ship lost her way in a fog.
And the whole of the crew was reduced unto two,
'Twas myself and the captain's old dog.

Then the ship struck a rock Good Lord what a shock
we nearly tumbled over,
Turned nine times around, and the poor dog was drowned
I'm the last of the Irish Rover.

Irish Curse

There was a pregnant lady
and her time was any day
she felt a tringe below the belt
and "Ooo"'s all she could say
the ultrasound revealed it was a boy who's coming out
She only wished a healthy lad
who was handsome strong and stout

Well the babe popped out in glory
as he wriggled screamed and cried
then the beaming husband
looked to his wife with pride
they both turned to the doctor and they asked him what he thought
he counted all appendages and his face with pain was wrought

"What's wrong!" the dad exclaimed
"Does he not have all his digits?"
The doc confirmed the fingers and toes
and said it was his widgit
The doctor felt a need right then to educate the nurse
"I'm afraid that Master Murphy's got the classic Irish Curse!"


Oh the Irish Curse effects a man
right to his very root
It's the only thing in life
that can be samll but not be cute
few things in life can be so grim
or be considered worse
than the stem upon you apple
cast with the Irish Curse

Well the dad began to panic
he saw a future filled with fear
he suggested to the doctor
he blow in the baby's ear
the Doc asked for the rationale
and looked at dad with doubt
"Perhaps the increased pressure
will make that thing pop out!"

Well years went by young Murphy
he grew from babe to boy
but he had to wait till Christmas
to find his favorite toy
he discovered he was an athelete
and played at many sports
he was swift and agile
but in a smaller size of shorts


Well he grew into a man
and how he worked at all his talents
trying to upset the curse
and even up the balance
he grew adept at story telling
country pride and song
and although he grew well rounded
he never did grow long.


Who through the Irish Curse in
Master Murphy's trousers
nobody spoke so they shouted all the louder
It's an Irish myth that's true
I could lick the mick that threw
the Irish Curse in Master Murphy's trousers

Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe

Come all ye lads and lasses and hear my mournful tale
yetender hearts that weep for love to sigh you will not fail
‘tis all about a young man and my song will tell you how
he lately came a courtin’ of the maid of the sweet brown knowe

Said he, “My pretty fair maid will you come alomg with me,
we’ll both go off together and married we will be
we’ll join our hands in wedlock bans I’m speaking to you now
and I’ll do my best endeavour for the the maid of the sweet brown knowe”

The fair and fickle young thing she knew not what to say
her eyes did shine like silver bright and merrily did play
she said, “Young man your love subdue for I am not ready now
and I’ll spend another season at the foot of the the maid of the sweet brown knowe

said he, “My pretty fair maid how can you say so
look down on yonder valley whaere my crops do gently grow
look down on yonder valley where my horses and my plough
are at their daily labour for the the maid of the sweet brown knowe

“If they’re at their daily labour kind sir it’s not for me
for I’ve heard of yuor behavior, I have indeed!” said she
“there is an inn where you call in, I’ve heard the people say
where you rap and call and pay for all and go home at the break of day!”

“If I rap and call and pay for all, the money is all me own
for I’ll never spend your fortune for I hear that you have none
you thought you had my poor heart broke in talking with me now
and I left her where I found her at the foot of the the maid of the sweet brown knowe

Nell Flaherty’s Drake

Oh, my name it is Neil, quite candid I tell,
And I lived in Coote Hill, which I'll never deny,
I had a large drake, and I’d die for his sake,
which my grandmother left me, and she going to die;
He was wholesome and sound; he weighed twenty pound,
And the universe 'round I would rove for his sake.
Bad luck to the robber, be he drunk or sober,
That murdered Nell Flaherty's beautiful drake.

His neck it was green, most fit to be seen,
He was fit for a Queen of the highest degree,
His body so white, it would give you delight,
He was fat, plump and heavy, and brisk as a bee;
My dear little fellow, his legs, they were yellow,
He would fly like a swallow, and swim like a hake.
Until some dirty savage, to grease his white cabbage,
Most wantenly murdered my beautiful drake.

May his pig never grunt, may his cat never hunt,
May a ghost always haunt him in the dead of the night,
May his hen never lay, may horse never nay,
May his goat fly away like an old paper kite;
May the flies and the fleas may the wretch ever tease,
May the piercing March breeze make him shiver and shake,
May the hump of a stick raise the lumps fast and thinck,
Of the monster that murdered Nell Flaherty's Drake.

May his cock never crow, may his bellows ne'er blow,
And a-pot or po, may he never have one,
May his cradle not rock, may his box have no lock,
May his wife have no smock to shield her back bone,
May his duck never quack, and his goose turn quite black
And pull down the turf with his long yellow beak.
May scurvy and itch, not depart from the breech,
Of the monster that murdered Nell Flaherty's Drake.

May his pipe never smoke, may his teapot be broke,
And to add to the joke may his kettle not boil,
May he lay in the bed 'till the moment he's dead
May he always be fed on lob-scouse and fish oil,
May he swell with the gout, may his grinders fall out,
May he roar, bawl and shout, with the horrid toothache.
May his temples wear horns, and all his toes corns,
The monster that murdered Nell Flaherty's drake.

May his spade never dig, may his sow never pig,
May each hair on his wig be well thrashed with a flail,
May his door have no thatch and his roof have no thatch,
Nay his turkey not hatch, may the rats eat his meal,
May every old fairy fiom Cork to Dunleary,
Dip him in snug and easy in river or lake,
That the eel and the trout may dine on the snout,
Of the monster that murdered Nell Flaherty's Drake.

May his dog yelp and growl with hunger and cold,
May his wife always scold 'till his brain goes astray,
May the curse of each hag, that e'er carried a bag,
Alight on his nag till his beard it turns grey,
May monkeys still bite him, and man-apes affright him,
And everyone slight him asleep or awake,
May weasels still gnaw him, and jackdaws still claw him,
The monster that murdered Nell Flaherty's Drake.

Then all the good news l have to diffuse,
'Tis for Peter Hughes, and blind Peter McFree,
There's big nosed Bob Manson, and buck-toothed Ned Hanson,
Each man has a grandson of my darling Drake,
My fellow had dozens of nephews and cousins,
And one I must get or my heart it will break,
To keep my mind easy or else l'll run crazy,
So this ends the song of Nell Flaherty's Drake.

Ode to Beer

D’oh, the stuff that buys me beer
ray, the guy that sells me beer
me, the guy who drinks the beer
far, the distance from my beer
so, I think I’ll have a beer
la, la la la la la beer
Tea, no thanks I’m drinking beer
and it brings us back to D’oh

Patriot Game

Come all ye young rebels, and list while I sing,
For the love of one's country is a terrible thing.
It banishes fear with the speed of a flame,
And it makes us all part of the patriot game.

My name is O'Hanlon, and I've just turned sixteen.
My home is in Monaghan, and where I was weaned
I learned all my life cruel England's to blame,
So now I am part of the patriot game.

This Ireland of ours has too long been half free.
Six counties lie under John Bull's tyranny.
I’ve thrown out my Bible to drill and to train
To take up my part in the Patriot game.

It's nearly two years since I went away
With the local battalion of the bold IRA,
For I read of our heroes, and wanted the same
To play out my part in the patriot game.

And now as I lie here, my body all holes
I think of those traitors who bargained in souls
And I wish that my rifle had given the same
To those Quislings who sold out the patriot game.

Pub with No Beer

Oh how lonesome away
from you kindred and all
where the campfire's buring
and the wild dingos call
but there's nothing so lonesome
so dull or so drear
than to stand in the bar
of a pub with no beer

The publican's anxious for the quota to come
there's a far away look on the face of the bum
The cooks acting cranky and the maid's acting queer
what a terrible place is a pub with no beer

The stockman rides in with his dry dusty throat
He breats to the bar with a wad in his coat
but the smile on his face quikly turns to a sneer
when the barman says sadly that the pubs got no beer

Old Billy the blacksmith first time in his life
He comes home cold sober to his own darlin' wife
He walks in the kitchen she says,"You're early my dear!"
Than he breaks down and tells her that the pub's got no beer

Red Haired Mary

As I was going to the fair at Dingle
One fine morning last July
When going down the road before me,
A red haired girl I chanced to spy.

"Keep your hands off red-haired Mary,
Her and I are to be wed.
We're seein' the priest this very morning,
And tonight we'll lie in a marriage bed."

Well I went up to her, says I, "Young lady,
Me donkey, he will carry two."
And she looked at me, her eyes a-twinkle,
And cheeks they were a rosey hue.

"Well I thank you kindly, sir," she answered,
And then she tossed her bright hair,
"Now seein' that you've got your donkey,
I will ride with you to the Dingle fair."

But when we reached the fair at Dingle,
I took her hand for to say good-bye,
When a tinker he stepped up behind me,
And he hit me right in my left eye!

Now I was feeling rather peevish,
And my poor old eye was sad and sore,
So I tapped him lightly with me hobnails,
And he flew back through Tim Murphy's door!

Then a policeman, he came round the corner,
And he told me I had broke the law,
Then me donkey kicked him in the ankle,
And he fell down and broke his jaw!

Now he galloped off to find his father;
The tallest man I e’er did meet.
He 'gently' tapped me with his knuckles,
And now I’m missing two front teeth.

Now this red haired girl, she kept on smiling.
She said, "Young man, I'll go with you
forget the priest this very morning,
tonight we'll lie in Murphy's shed!

Through the Dingle Fair we rode together,
My black eye and her red hair.
Smilin' gaily at the tinkers,
By God we were a handsome pair

The Rose Of Tralee

The pale moon was rising above the green mountain
the sun was declining beneath the blue sea
when I strayed with my love to the pure crystal fountain
that stands in the beautiful vale of Tralee

she was lovely and fair as the rose of the summer
but ‘twas not her beauty alone that won me
Oh no was the truth in her eyes ever dawning
that made me love Mary, the Rose of Tralee

The cool shades of evening their mantels were spreading
and Mary all smiling was listening to me
the moon thru the valley her pale rays were spreading
when I won the heart of the Rose of Tralee

Unicorn(Green Alligators)

A long time ago, when the Earth was green
There was more kinds of animals than you've ever seen
They'd run around free while the Earth was being born
And the loveliest of all was the unicorn

There was green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
The loveliest of all was the unicorn

The Lord seen some sinning and it gave Him pain
And He says, "Stand back, I'm going to make it rain"
He says, "Hey Noah, I'll tell you what to do
Build me a floating zoo,
and take some of those

Green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
Don't you forget My unicorns

Old Noah was there to answer the call
He finished up making the ark just as the rain started to fall
He marched the animals two by two
And he called out as they came through
Hey Lord,
I've got green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but Lord, I'm so forlorn
I just can't find no unicorns"

And Noah looked out through the driving rain
Them unicorns were hiding, playing silly games
Kicking and splashing while the rain was falling
Oh, them silly unicorns

There was green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Noah cried, "Close the door because the rain is falling
And we just can't wait for no unicorns"

The ark started moving, it drifted with the tide
The unicorns looked up from the rocks and they cried
And the waters came down and sort of floated them away
That's why you never see unicorns to this very day

You'll see green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
You're never gonna see no unicorns

Wind That Shakes the Barley

I sat within a valley green sat there with my true love
And my fond heart strove to choose between the old love and the new love
The old for her, the new that made me think on Ireland dearly
While soft the wind blew down the glade and shook the golden barley

‘twas hard the mournful words to frame to break the ties that bound us
Ah, but harder still to bear the shame of foreign chains around us
And so I said, "The mountain glen I'll seek at morning early
And join the brave united men" while soft wind shook the barley

‘twas sad I kissed away her tears her arms around me clinging
When to my ears that fateful shot come out the wildwood ringing
The bullet pierced my true love's breast in life's young spring so early
And there upon my breast she died while soft wind shook the barley

I bore her to some mountain stream and many's the summer blossom
I placed with branches soft and green about her gore-stained bosom
I wept and kissed her clay-cold corpse then rushed o'er vale and valley
My vengeance on the foe to wreak while soft wind shook the barley

Twas blood for blood without remorse I took at Oulart Hollow
I placed my true love's clay-cold corpse where mine full soon may follow
Around her grave I wondered drear noon, night and morning early
With aching heart when e'er I hear the wind that shakes the barley

Whiskey You’re the Devil

Whiskey you're the Devil, you're leading me astray
Over hills and mountains and to Amerikay
You're sweeter, stronger, decenter
You're spunkier nor tay
Oh whiskey you're me darlin' drunk or sober.

Oh, now brave boys are on the march off for Portugal and Spain
Drums are beating, banners flying
The Devil at home we'll come tonight
Oh, love fare thee well
With me tiddery idle loodle la dem da
Me tiddery idle loodle la dem da
Me right fol tor ra laddy o
There's whiskey in the jar.

Said the mother do not wrong me
Don't take me daughter from me
For if you do I will torment you
And after death my ghost will haunt you
Oh, love fare thee well
With me tiddery idle loodle la dem da
Me tiddery idle loodle la dem da
Me right fol tor ra laddy o
There's whiskey in the jar.

Now the French are fightin' bouldly
Men are dying hot and couldly
Give every man his flask of powder
His firelock on his shoulder,
Oh, love fare thee well
With me tiddery idle loodle la dem da
Me tiddery idle loodle la dem da
Me right fol tor ra laddy o
There's whiskey in the jar.

Whiskey in the Jar

It’s as I was going over the Cork and Kerry Mountains
I met with Captain Farrel and his money he was countin’
I first produced my pistol and I then produced my rapier
sayin’, “stand and deliver for I am your bold deceiver:

mush a ring a ma dor um dah (4 claps)
whack for the daddy Oh (2 claps)
whack for the daddy Oh
there’s whiskey in the jar (yell “HEY” with a simultaneous clap)

I counted up my money and it made a pretty penny
I took that money home and I gave it to my Jenny
she promised and she vowed that she never would deceive me
but the devil take the women for they never can be easy

I went into my chamber for to take a little slumber
I dreamt of gold and jewels and for sure it was no wonder
but Jenny took my charges and filled them up with water
and sent for Captain Farrel to be ready for the slaughter

It was early in the mornin’ before I rose to travel
surrounded by the footmen and likewise Captain Farrel
I went for my old pistol for they’d stolen my old rapier
but I couldn’t shoot the water so a prisoner I was taken

If anyone can save me it’s my brother in the army
I think that he is stationed in Cork or in Killarney
and if he would be here we’d be rovin’ in Kilkenny
I know he’d treat be better than my darlin’ sportin’ Jenny

Now some take delight in the fishin’ and the fowlin’
others take delight in the carriage wheels a rollin
I takes delight in the juice of the barley
and countin’ pretty women in the mornin’ oh so early

The Parting Glass beer_green_md_wht.gif (4972 bytes)
Oh all the money that ere I spent,
I spent it in good company.
And all the harm that e're I've done
Alas it was to none but me.
And all I've done for want of wit
To memory now I can't recall.
So fill to me the Parting Glass,
Goodnight and joy be with you all

Oh all the comrades that ere I had,
Are sorry now I'm going away
And all the sweethearts that e're I had
Would wish me one more day to stay
But since it falls, unto my lot
That I should rise, and you should not
I'll gently rise and I'll softly call,
Goodnight and joy be with you all.

If I had money enough to spend
And liesure time to sit awhile
There is a fair maid in this town
That sorely has my heart beguiled
Her rosy cheeks and ruby lips
I own, she has my heart in thrall
Then fill to me this Parting Glass
Goodnight and joy be with you all.
Jug Of Punch beer_green_md_wht.gif (4972 bytes)
One pleasant evening in the month of June,
As I was sitting with my glass and spoon,
A small bird sat on an ivy bunch,
And the song he sang was the jug of punch.

Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
A small bird sat on an ivy bunch,
And the song he sang was the jug of punch.

What more diversion could a man desire,
Than to sit him down by a snug turf fire,
Upon his knee a pretty wench,
Ay and on the table, a jug of punch.

Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
Upon his knee a pretty wench,
Ay and on the table, a jug of punch.

Let the doctors come with all their art,
They'll make no impression upon my heart,
Even the cripple forgets his hunch,
When he's snug outside of a jug of punch.

Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
Even the cripple forgets his hunch,
When he's snug outside of a jug of punch.

If I get drunk, well the money's me own,
And if them don't like it they can leave me alone,
I'll tune my fiddle and I'll rosin me bow,
And I'll be welcome wherever I go.

Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
I'll tune my fiddle and I'll rosin me bow,
And I'll be welcome wherever I go.

When I'm dead ay and in my grave,
No costly tombstone will I have,
Just lay me down in my native peat,
With a jug of punch at my head and feet.

Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
Toor-a-loor-a-loo, toor-a-loor-a-lay,
Just lay me down in my native peat,
With a jug of punch at my head and feet.

ndtoclogo.gif (4563 bytes)  Lyrics To Notre Dame Songs

The Notre Dame Victory Marchclover2_rotate_md_wht.gif (3156 bytes)
Rally sons of Notre Dame,
Sing her glory, and sound her fame
Raise her Gold and Blue,
And cheer with voices true,
Rah! Rah! For Notre Dame.

We will fight in every game
Strong of heart and true to her name.
We will ne'er forget her
And we'll cheer her ever,
Loyal to Notre Dame.

Cheer, cheer for Old Notre Dame
Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
Send the volley cheer on high,
Shake down the thunder from the sky,
What tho the odds be great or small
Old Notre Dame will win over all,
While her loyal sons are marching
Onward to Victory

Hike, Notre Dame
The march is on
No brain or brawn,
Can stop the charge of fighting men,
Loud sings the cry,
A grim defy,
Of hard attack let loose again.
O it's hike, hike, hike to victory,
The call to rise and strike,
For Notre Dame men are winning,
When Notre Dame hears hike, hike, hike.

Hark to the cheering
Songs rising high,
Hark, hark to the roar,
As her ranks go marching by!
Shouler to shoulder,
Chanting her golden name,
Burn high your fires,
And sing along for Notre Dame.

Notre Dame, Our Mother
Notre Dame, our Mother
Tender, strong and true
Proudly in the heavens,
Gleams the gold and blue.
Glory's mantle cloaks thee
Golden is thy fame,
And our hearts forever,
Praise thee, Notre Dame.
And our hearts forever,
Love thee, Notre Dame

Down The Line
On down the line! beside the
glory of her name.
On down the line! Beneath the
colors of an ancient fame.
On down the line! Another day
for her proclaim.
Old Gold and Blue - you're
going through-
Go down the line for Notre Dame.

When Irish Backs Go Marching By
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Up! Notre Dame men answer the cry
Gathering foemen fling to the sky
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Brave hosts advancing challenging your name
March to the battle, Notre Dame!

And when the Irish backs go marching by
The cheering thousands shout their battle cry:
For Notre Dame men are marching into
the game,
Fighting the fight for you, Notre Dame
And when the Irish line goes smashing through
They'll sweep the foemen's ranks away;
When Notre Dame men fight for Gold and Blue,
Then Notre Dame men will win the day.

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